Night Out Skincare Survival Hacks!

Night Out Skincare Survival Hacks

Hi loves! So we’ve all been there, you’ve had a few too many last night and for the next few days your skin seems to hate you. The next morning usually leaves me feeling a bit rubbish, but having good skin can just help you feel a little better. Here are a few of my easiest, no fuss tips to helping your skin survive you big night out!

Drink everything you can find

Water Bottle

No I don’t mean alcohol! All that dancing will have you sweating, and most likely water wasn’t your drink of choice, so before you go to bed drink at least once glass of water. I also like to bring a big glass or bottle of water to bed so if I wake up in the night I can drink some more water. I promise you, the more water you drink the more your skin will thank you, and so will your head the next morning!

Take off your makeup

Superdrug Sensitive Tea Tree Makeup Wipes

I know the first thing you want to do when you get home is fall into bed and getting through a whole night time skincare routine is impossible. However, taking off your makeup is one thing that’s so important to do! Even if it’s just wiping off your foundation with a makeup wipe every little helps. You don’t have to get every last smudge of eyeliner off, just enough so your skin can breathe. My favourite makeup wipes are the Superdrug Tea Tree Sensitive Facial Cleansing Wipes because they’re gentle enough to not irritate your skin and are cheap enough that you’ll never feel guilty losing these somewhere.


Burts Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

If you’ve had a big night it’s likely you won’t wake up feeling too good. If you can manage it, most people say the best thing to do is to take a shower to help you feel fresher. I say do that same with your skin! Make sure you properly cleanse your skin to get rid of any leftover makeup and oil your skin produced over night. This lets your skin breathe and will help you to feel fresher the next day. My favourite morning cleanser is the Burt’s Bee’s Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream as the menthol in it will leave you feeling a bit more awake and energised.

Do a face mask

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Chances are you won’t be doing too much the morning after a big night out so take the time to pamper yourself. Face masks are the perfect skincare step as you can do it lying down! The biggest problem after a night out is dehydration so grab the most hydrating face mask you own and pop that on. Even if you get oily skin after a night out, chances are your skin is overproducing oil to combat the dehydration. If that’s you just make sure to cleanse the skin to get rid of the excess oil and then focus on giving your skin as much moisture as possible. Recently I’ve been reaching for the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bombs as sheet masks are just so easy, and this gives a lot of hydration in a fairly light weight serum.

Give your skin a break

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 2

For a lot of people make up for a night out is a lot heavier than their everyday makeup. This combined with drinks, sweat and a more minimal skincare routine will probably take a toll on your skin. Go for a makeup free day to let your skin breathe and recover, and maybe go lighter on the coverage for a day or so after. Believe me, your pores will thank you! I normally reach for the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream for minimal coverage but a little something.

I hope you guys like all my tips! I do this every single time I go out and my skin really thanks me for it. If you try out any of these tips let me know how they worked for you! What’s your routine to help your skin survive a night out?

Thanks so much for reading, I love you all xxx

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